Back To Our Roots

Back To Our Roots

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k adriana By fishyfishyfihsy Updated Sep 06, 2018

"Okay" He takes a deep breath and continues his confession. " To be completely honest with you, I don't exactly know exactly what I am. All I know is that these types of things tend to happen when I'm around trees, animals, or just nature in general."

"You mean to tell me... that whenever you're in the forest, you-" "Well not just forests, like just plants in general," he clarified. 

"Okay, trees, flowers, whatever. When you're around them you-" "And animals, too. Like just nature in general? But not when I'm like, around humans or anything," He clarified once again, the act only annoying his already annoyed friend.

"Okay, plants, animals, I really could not care any less right now, okay? So, when you're around them, you suddenly grow long, sharp claws?" She asked her friend, her hands flail about as they always do when she was anxious, emotional or angry.

"Yeah, well I don't just grow claws," he said, observing Glynn's facial expression change from scared to horrified. 

"You know what, it's easier if I show you."

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