The Other Dress (✔ Complete) {trans girl x crossdressing boy}

The Other Dress (✔ Complete) {trans girl x crossdressing boy}

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Emmy Engberts By EmmyEngberts Updated Feb 20

We both love wearing dresses, the prettier the better.
We also both love cosplaying and have a flair for magical-girl style characters.
But that is where our similarities end.

Izzy has always loved dresses, one of her favourite memories is when her parents got her a sewing machine for her ninth birthday, a real one. She's been making and designing her own dresses ever since.
She gets most of her inspiration from two sources, videogames and anime. Her favourite thing to do is to make the frilliest dress in an anime. There is something liberating about stepping into the skin of a magical girl, changing into someone else can be the safest way to explore who you really are.
Izzy's current obsession is the newly released 'Magical Princess Club' and especially the character Sakura. So, when she finds someone at a convention who is cosplaying Aoi, Sakura's best friend in the anime, she can't help but want to get to know them better.
Because something in the way they portray Aoi gives her butterflies in her stomach. Even though she knows that more than just being friends will probably never happen...

Elliot's first time crossplaying Aoi at a convention is a little more overwhelming than he thought it would be. He keeps getting compliments, but some of the stares make him a little uncomfortable.
He's made cosplays before, but always male characters, he never really dared to do what he really wanted, cosplaying a magical girl. But after watching Aoi on the screen, he knew that he had to try. He had to take that step. Aoi had to be his first crossplay.
When Elliot's eyes fall on a beautiful girl cosplaying Sakura, he has to talk to her, and one chat becomes two and three, and suddenly they're getting photographed together everywhere and it's the most fun he's ever had.
But why would a pretty girl like her ever want more from him? Can he bring up the courage to ever ask her out, especially since she knows what he likes to do?

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