HATELOVE [Shawn Mendes]

HATELOVE [Shawn Mendes]

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"You know I changed my mind about you. I love you," she said.

"I love you, too."

I felt a pang of guilt. We were talking about the past, so this was an opening to get what I needed to off my chest. I couldn't though. She had graduation and the job search. I didn't need to stress her out by making her doubt our relationship at all.

"I'm sorry for anything I did to you back then," I told her.


This is the sequel to LOVEHATE so make sure you've read that first!

Shawn Mendes is a famous singer/songwriter in this piece but there's very little focus on the specifics of his career. The timeframe is vague so nothing really matches up with actual events that have happened in his life. 

Like LOVEHATE, this story has slightly more mature elements than my other writing, so use your own judgement.