A Howl in the Night

A Howl in the Night

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Kyara By KyLynn Completed

{Book of A Dog's Tale series}

(WARNING...contains sexual content on various occasions)

A werewolf finding its mate is the most important and most beautiful part of being a shifter

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That I should my worst fear. Losing my voice when I need it most
eddy_dauza eddy_dauza Oct 18, 2016
Somebody tell me please what is baby blues cause as long as i know it was a syndrome
Ummmm... I'm pretty sure that deep and shallow breathing are two different things
EvilGrin0205 EvilGrin0205 Jul 17, 2013
I think it's perfect the way it is. It's obvious what happens next if you've ever read a werewolf romance. I just love how he's not all sunshine and rainbows but kinda forceful. It's how a wolf should be :) And you can imagine the friends all surviving or dying based on your own preference.
midnightfish midnightfish May 11, 2013
please please please add more to this story!!! it seems like it should go on. It's so good! XD
luxxeh luxxeh May 11, 2013
You should keep writing to the story instead of saying the end!