Change the Fate of the Cannon Fodder

Change the Fate of the Cannon Fodder

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TS Mahima By mahimarani98 Updated Mar 05

Yun Heng lacks emotions and dies at the hand of a desperate wannabe lover. Bound to a system he traverses from world to world saving the Cannon Fodder in hopes that these missions will help him find a way to learn how to feel emotions. However he never expected a puppy-like Male lead sticking to his side trying to teach him how to love.

ML: Wifey, I love you! (*kiss*)
MC: ...
ML: attention to meeeee (*kisskisskiss*)
MC: ... *confused* (what is this man doing? I don't get it...)

*None of the pictures used in this story belong to me, all credit goes to the artists* However the story does belong to me so please respect my hard work and don't use it elsewhere  (^_^)

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