Change the Fate of the Cannon Fodder

Change the Fate of the Cannon Fodder

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TS Mahima By mahimarani98 Updated 2 days ago

Yun Heng lacks emotions and dies at the hand of a desperate wannabe lover. Bound to a system he traverses from world to world saving the Cannon Fodder in hopes that these missions will help him find a way to learn how to feel emotions. However he never expected a puppy-like Male lead sticking to his side trying to teach him how to love.

ML: Wifey, I love you! (*kiss*)
MC: ...
ML: attention to meeeee (*kisskisskiss*)
MC: ... *confused* (what is this man doing? I don't get it...)

*None of the pictures used in this story belong to me, all credit goes to the artists* However the story does belong to me so please respect my hard work and don't use it elsewhere  (^_^)

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Ok that's just wrong. Not everyone can get things right consecutively, and if he has to pass so many, it makes the chances of failure higher :(
Hmm... Judging from the cover... The system's name... Mukuro!?
DawntoPandemonium DawntoPandemonium 5 days ago
Did anyone else wonder how a system walks away? I assumed they bounced.
marsnvic marsnvic Sep 19
I was thinking true sociopath. They just lack any feelings whatsoever.
Nixxaraa Nixxaraa Oct 06
The tragic one was the one who was killed just because they didn’t share the same feelings. 😂😂
EmpressAlex EmpressAlex Oct 02
the world would have gone extinct if everybody were allowed to kill the person in which they have a one-sided love with. so no, i don't feel bad for him but for the one who died just because he could not reciprocate the feeling