Consequences Unforeseen

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    Love, death, retribution and unpredictable outcomes. 
    She died too young, too soon and too beautiful:- What secrets did she carry with her to the grave?
    Meet Bill Douglas, an international assassin as he attends an emotional and personally shattering funeral of a long lost friend. Reflection and soul searching transports him and you to a time from his past. Critical events unfold and life changing consequences begin to emerge.
    Watch and feel yourself live the experiences as the book takes you places you have never been and shows you things you have never seen.
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    Hi Doug, I've just finished reading all of Consequences Unforeseen and I must say that I really enjoyed it. You write with the kind of 'tough' style that I like in Raymond Chandler and you have brought your hero to life through the flashbacks that provide a kind of panorama of his story from childhood on.
    A particular strength is the way that the locations are vividly depicted, the glittering waters of Cannes contrasted with the stark countryside of Scotland and so on, this brings Ian Fleming to mind, as does the whole piece in fact...
this is weird coz my dad is related to black Douglas, the assassin...I am not even lying.
An amazing beginning! I'm already drawn into the story! Ready for more!
Wow how cool! It's so professionally written :3 I wish I could write this well
Wow. I think this chapter is very thought provoking and a great way to start the story!:)
Love it!!! You're an amazing writer, the imagery was perfect and I can't wait to see how the story will unfold :)
I liked the mirror idea. Very interesting so i tried it myself and played first to blink with myself. Quite spooky trying to stare yourself down. The drift back in time set me up for a surprise.