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Chase Me , Alpha

Chase Me , Alpha

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jamieelynne By jamieelynne Updated Oct 15, 2015

Alice has tried for a very long time to just get through.  Get through the last few weeks of high school.  Get through being neither a werewolf, nor human, in a town mixed with both.  Get through the looks shot at her everywhere she went.  Get through, and get out.
Which is what would have happened if she didn't meet him.  She would have gotten  track scholarship and taken the first bus out of her town and away from everyone in it.  She wouldn't have to tell anyone she was a freak, she could be normal, and maybe she could even dare to be happy.
But she met him, and that all changed.
Clayton is an Alpha, and he can't move.  He has a pack to take care of and leaving them isn't an option.  Giving up Alice isn't one either, though, no matter how hard she challenges him on the matter.  But things start changing for the both of them and circumstances force them together.  Eventually, Alice will have to start fighting to hold onto him.

cacaiix cacaiix Mar 25, 2016
Omg what an ass! It's okay cause Mr. Alpha is going to bury him.
Rooboos Rooboos Nov 26, 2016
Thats not how DNA works you have 25% chance to get two recessive genes from both parents. 25% chance to get two dominant genes from both parents. And 50% chance to get one re
Acceril Acceril Jan 08, 2016
I'm pretty sure all our inner psychopaths just laughed at him ahaha
Bmth1975luv Bmth1975luv Dec 12, 2015
You need to stop thinking about getting in his pants and start thinking about getting you an Melanie out of that situation
TheClockMagician TheClockMagician Oct 18, 2015
Your writing is a little confusing. I don't know if it is the grammar or the expressions. Or maybe you're not being enough descriptive.
WeeabooOnIce WeeabooOnIce Oct 15, 2015
Holy crap, that literally described me except I've dyed my hair to brown from sandy blonde