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"If he's as bad as they say then I guess I'm cursed.
Looking into his eyes I think he's already hurt." 


Everyone knew what happened to the one man who dared to try to cross him. To replace him, to try and steal his place and crown in the darkest parts of society. 

He was killed and dumped in an alleyway like trash, without a single second thought. His body scarred with kicks and punches, and a bloody hole through his head. 

The events that happen when you even think of going against him. 

Salvatore Gallo, the notorious gang leader,
also know as "the Scorpion" in the streets of San Francisco. A deadly man who will do anything it takes to get his way and go to the very top of the food chain. 

Even if it means killing and destroying other peoples' lives in the process. 

So what happens when one of his guys bring back little miss Leah Adler? The daughter and heiress to a multi millionaire man and business? 

Money is what they wanted.

But once you get a taste of honey gold, you become addicted.

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  • forbidden
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JoyceWords_23 JoyceWords_23 5 days ago
I’m excited for the story! You’re playlist is everything 😍👏🏾👏🏾
JoyceWords_23 JoyceWords_23 5 days ago
Wish I could find me a man like this is real life! Wonderful descriptions ⭐️⭐️⭐️
JoyceWords_23 JoyceWords_23 5 days ago
Then he’ll die quickly and you can have his money lol 😂🙈🤭
khadija1804 khadija1804 2 days ago
A very well written first chapter. I enjoyed reading it a lot.
JoyceWords_23 JoyceWords_23 5 days ago
I loved it! I’m adding it to my reading list! ❤️🔥🔥
JoyceWords_23 JoyceWords_23 5 days ago
BYE! She’s too old to have her parents telling her what to do.