Something about the Summer ON HOLD *EDITING*

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Krisandra Webberley on the outside is your typical seventeen-year-old girl, with a loving family, a part-time job and amazing friends. She's gorgeous, kind and quirky, you'd think that her life was perfect but since the incident last fall, living is a struggle. She just can't seem to move past what happened and allows it to affect her future relationships. 
    Meet Kirke, Charlie's older brother. He's intelligent, athletic and surprisingly down to earth. 
    When Kirke comes back from his boarding school in England during the summer he immediately becomes interested in Krisandra, even with the warning signs of her past. Can Krisandra get over this 'bump' in the road? Or has it scarred her to the point of no return? 
    Full of romance and heart break, the next year of her life will challenge her state of mind, friendships and family bonds.  And possibly, a happily ever after will last for Krisandra and Kirke.
Update you Whore
Update you Whore