Silver School Mystery  A Spring of Winter

Silver School Mystery A Spring of Winter

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Rosyjoy16 By Rosyjoy16 Updated May 20

Have you ever wished you could be someone else? If you have I want to punch you in the face, but I am getting a head of myself here. This story is about a girl who moves to a different school... It's starting to sounds like a cliche book already doesn't it? But hay, on the other hand this girl has been oblivious to magic all of her life until suddenly, Wapang, reality hits her, hard, But this girl has a good reason for not knowing about all that, in fact this girl has a good reason for a lot of things, and that girl, out of everyone in this world just so happens to be me. And when I do find out about magic that's when the story really begins, when this entire enchanted adventure begins, the question is it an adventure or a nightmare. Witch is witch that's something your going to have to find out on your own.

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