Mindful Voices of Europe: The Lips of Legends, they Whisper Again

Mindful Voices of Europe: The Lips of Legends, they Whisper Again

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mivoceu By mivoceu Updated Oct 19, 2019

Mindful Voices of Europe project is a fierce defender of the European project, as well as a supporter for local heritage preservation and lovers of our native land.

This is a collection of 44 short stories from 44 European writers capturing the heartfelt atmosphere of their native countries in Europe. The book allows us not only to discover new facets of other people's culture and manner of thinking through their beliefs and customs but also encourages us to set forth on our own journey of self-discovery. 

Cultural preservation in line with cultural biodiversity, myths as representative of our collective psyche and how we assign value and therefore conduct ourselves, nature awareness and mindfulness rooted in personal experience

We can still see how they help shape our society today. We believe they are the essential life lessons passed on throughout generations of humanity. There are so many myths relevant today. In many Indigenous cultures, oral traditions were mostly myths that were like a code of ethics for their society. The stories were updated from each generation so the lessons were still relevant for current times. Overall, they are still ancient stories from life lessons we cannot forget otherwise we risk making the same mistakes our ancient ancestors made.

Learn more about us on www.mivoceu.eu, and be amazed by the 44 magnificently written short stories from our second book.