Geminae: The Blood of the Serpent | Book One

Geminae: The Blood of the Serpent | Book One

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Lisa S Liu By lsyliu Updated Dec 14, 2018

'A war is coming. And it's going to bite.'

What if there were two species of human, and sharing blood was the only way to survive?

AI VAN ROSENDAL comes from a long line of powerful EVes. Despite her high blood potential, Ai prefers life beyond the Wall. When her sister goes missing Ai has no choice but to return to the society that destroyed her family, enlisting the help of the one viper she never wanted to lay eyes on, or fall for, ever again. 

FELIX DE ANGELIS is next-in-line for the throne. With great power comes an unbreakable bond to his entire viper species, day in day out. His only respite is hanging around hybrids - who have no emotions whatsoever and drinking illegally sourced, spirit-laced, blood. And to protect those he loves whatever the cost.

COVE LANCE is doing what he does best; surviving. When a girl with odd-coloured eyes destroys the key to his fight for freedom, Cove is caught between coming to her rescue or just saving himself, again.


In a dystopian world, two species of human - sapiens and vipers - have evolved to co-exist since the beginning. Divided into those who feed and those who are food; both have advanced to form symbiotic bonds, sharing energy and abilities within blood. 

Together they form a perfect union, Geminae. 

But life is not in balance. In a world where duality is everything, three is a crowd:

VIPERS - revered as gods and royalty, adapted long ago to harvest blood energy through psychic connection - are slowly dying out. 

Few SAPIENS have the evolved blood type (EVes), enabling them to share energy with vipers. The demand for high blood potential (hBP) has sky-rocketed, allowing illegal blood hunters to prosper and flourish.

HYBRIDS - sterile progeny of both, forced to live outside the technologically advanced cities - continue to threaten blood ties and blood trade between nations. 

As HELL breaks loose and WAR threatens to erupt, Dark SECRETS and wounded HEARTS collide in a brutal fight for LOVE and SURVIVAL.

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