Finally It's Over Or So I Thought

Finally It's Over Or So I Thought

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Lil_Snowy By lil_Snowy Updated Sep 19

A boy was forced into becoming an elite assasin. His skills were unmatched due to his overpowered status. He never had a childhood due to the way his mother treated him. He just wanted his mother's approval and longed for her love for him He hated killing but was forced to... 
     Next, in his next mission to assassinate the leader of an opposing group "Armed Forces". However, he decides not to kill the leader and instead wants the leader kills him. The leader sympathises with him and teleported him to another world.
    In this new world, he hopes he can finally live a normal life. However, things don't go his way...

So fluffy~
This is my first time writing so please don't criticise me but I am open to suggestions on how to improve. 

Pls don't steal my story... Well this is what I fantasize about...

  • adorable
  • ageplay
  • assassin
  • cute
  • ddlb
  • fantasy
  • fluff
  • genius
  • heart-warming
  • hearttouching
  • isekai
  • magic
  • original
  • overpoweredmc
givenluck givenluck Sep 30
So I'm not hating on this at all I actually like it alot except for the fact that whenever the boy is talking and people are talking about the boy it sounds a little to cocky like you praise the boys everything a little to much , but besides that I think the plot and story line is awesome
this guy is too cute and gullible he will be killed eventually if he doesn't put his guard up I mean this "cute boy" destroyed your door by knocking!
Lill_E Lill_E Sep 28
Awwweeeee my precious little baby, I hope you find happiness hon.
You mean.........
WriterRemmy WriterRemmy Sep 19
Umm... I would recommend the man not 'smiling' but more terrified. He just got asked a favour from an assassin, he should be scared until he hears the request?
you have to kill her, learn necromancy, control her body ... and Goel achieved! congrashons u get as many pets as you want! \(^▽^@)ノ