Lonely Demon

Lonely Demon

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Saya Love By Love-Saya-Chan Completed

Elise Peterson, age 17 , black hair, green eyes. She's a nerd, no one really pays much attention to her. And she's a loner.  She has no friends , her parents are always busy. So one day, the popular group dare her to knock on the old mansion on the top of the hill. She accepted, there she went and knocked.

What mess had she gotten herself into? 

Luke Harrison, age unknown,  dark hair, fair pale skin, and eyes black looking. Luke is a loner, he has never step foot out of his castle or mansion. He hides there not wanting no one to know about him or what he was. Until a particular female knocks on his door. And his whole world is turn upside down.

How can he keep her away? 

What can he do not to fall for her?

romances, humor, you'll enjoy it!

airheadxx airheadxx May 27
TBH I prefer uniform too broke to have new clothes everyday 😐
BookGirl03 BookGirl03 Mar 24
Thunder comes from the change of air temperature in storm clouds.
Like my friend said "for some reason, bullies are always on time "
BookGirl03 BookGirl03 Mar 24
Good story, but double negatives drive me crazy!! ( aren't no)
XD whenever I have free time I automatically pull out my book at school.
I wish I could do that without being judged or annoyed by comments like "You're so boring/quiet!!"