Jazz O.C.

Jazz O.C.

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hated4whoiam By hated4whoiam Updated Mar 06, 2011

Jazz O'Callaghan can sing.

She's beautiful, stunning, extremely popular, and knows it.

Also bitcher than four 11 year old girls combined.

But don't you have to be? People would eat you alive if you weren't...trust me, she's learned from experience.

Jazz learns everything the hard way. Learned, I should say, as its made her who she is. She's beautiful ~ knows it, uses it to her advantage, and isn't afriad to flaunt it. Model agencies, legendary model agencies, and famous magazines beg for her to pose for the cover of their magazine. The people beg her to sing them a song. Movie directors send her scripts, even if they don't know if she can act or not. Parties, parties, parties, and only a few certain friends ~ not many in New York, where she lives (sometimes). Trust is limited where she comes from, where she's photographed, judged, and constantly criticized.

Not that she cares what people think...

Except for when it comes to James. Strictly James. Nobody knows his last name, besides his family, which he rarely speaks too. Why talk to a family who only now speaks to you because of your money? 

They call him, 'Just James'.

Lead singer of the most popular rock band with a hint of screaming, Neverending Faith, the world's most gorgeous notorious playboy, and has a voice like a rough, sexy slice of heaven.

Making girls swoon like its his job.

Except for Jazz O'Callaghan, the girl he can't stand, but badly wants and repsects her. Admires her, even. His mission? 

To get Jazz O'Callaghan and figure her out.

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ilyGKRxx ilyGKRxx Oct 17, 2012
this is good but its very cliche. perfect girl, rebel, you know. it has potential, but you need to add more plot and problems :) well done though and GL
MaeLynne MaeLynne Apr 11, 2011
I thought your adding more :'(
                              Your making me anxious haha.