The Invisible Best Friends #Wattys2016

The Invisible Best Friends #Wattys2016

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Meet Alyssa Bent, she's a nerd. But not your typical one. She likes to read, but her world doesn't totally revolve around books. She's not shy nor does she stutter when someone tries to corner her. She can stand up to anyone provided it doesn't involve attention. Attention is the only thing that scares her, and like always, there's a reason behind it. 

Maintaining a balance of grades and producing comebacks with sarcasm dripping from each word isn't the only talent she possesses. 

Enter Aaron Pelt, the most popular boy at Gradient High. Girls fawn over him. Well, who wouldn't? He's the star soccer player, after all. With the looks no less than a model, he has no problem maintaining his status on the social ladder. He maintains a cool aura around him all the time. 

They both go to Gradient High, a school that is divided into two social groups: the popular ones and the nerds. The popular ones are the wealthy snobs and the nerds are the ones who practically are their slaves.

At Gradient High, these two groups can never get along! Like Ever! But who knew that the most popular guy and the nerd would actually be best friends?

That's right! Alyssa and Aaron have been best friends since their diaper days. But at school, they are forced not to acknowledge each other's presence because if they did, Aaron's reputation might suffer and Alyssa may be subjected to something she hates the most: attention.

While Aaron may not know, the reason why Alyssa hates attention might be even more than she lets him believe. A reason that might even force her to throw away her future dream.

So will Aaron be able to break through the walls and push her out even when he has the pressure of popularity and the school status weighing him down?
Get ready to expect the unexpected. You might want to change your definition of clichè after reading......

#1 Humour- 08.01.16

(Cover by: -infinities)


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Omg I love doing this. The most for me would be eyeliner and lipstick. That's all.
meganockey meganockey Oct 08
What if I want to be chopped up and fed to your pet gorilla?
there’s a really hot guy who went to overnight camp with me with the same name and all i️ can picture is him but it works bc he’s perfect
Einstein's brain was 3% smaller than normal, but you meant it metaphorically
I love snarky authors. You remind me of @xTheStrawberryBratx😂
This is my 3rd time reading and i want to read again and again