A Demon's Vow

3 Part Story 1.5K Reads 33 Votes
Mere Nova By merenova Updated 3 years ago
Maya Carver is a decidedly normal person, quiet and introverted in nature, but wishes she were more outgoing.  Her live drastically changes one fate night when she comes face-to-face with a grotesque demon.  It agrees to spare her life, but in exchange, promises never to tell anyone that she saw him or else he'll kill her.  Left unconscious in an alleyway, she is rescued by a gentle man name Sam who seems to understand her quiet nature and finds her very attractive.  The two fall in love, and she couldn't be happier.  But the memory of a gruesome attack and a dark promise threatens to relieve her of her sanity.  Will she tell Sam the truth, or will she keep her vow, even at the cost of her life?
This is great! You should use the side cover as the story cover, cuase it amazing, although the cover is also good.
That was awesome. The detail was amazing and it really had me hooked.