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Someone to Lean On

Someone to Lean On

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Briauna Tutwiler By BriaunaTutwiler Updated Mar 22, 2011

Paige is leading a normal life. She has her best friend, her parents, her scholarship. That is until a car crash changes all of that. Then she meets Bryton, could he be the one to return her to happiness?

BriaunaTutwiler BriaunaTutwiler Mar 08, 2011
Kierstynn, totally okay if you call me breezy (: no creepiness at all. thanks, for the comment. so sorry about all the grammar issues. i was speed typing hahaha. 
                              Rockstarlivin, i will definitely let you know when i upload more! thanks for the vote (:
vballlexi14 vballlexi14 Mar 07, 2011
@RunnerGirl2013 wow kierstynn that's awesome. I'm pretty sure that anyone who reads that and doesn't know I know breeze is going to think your super creepy. Haha anyways I told you it was good!
RunnerGirl2013 RunnerGirl2013 Mar 07, 2011
HI, this is Kierstynn....Im Alexis Doll's bestie. she told me that you were writing a story so i thought id check it out:) its REALLY GOOD! Am i allowed to call you Breezy, or is that too casual and creepy? hahaha anyways, keep up the good work, gurlllll:)
vballlexi14 vballlexi14 Mar 07, 2011
Oh my gosh, Breezy seriously I love it!! Upload more soon!! I can't wait to read more.
vballlexi14 vballlexi14 Mar 07, 2011
Oh my gosh! Breeze I love it! I really do, it was so good! You're really good at this and I really can't wait until you write more. I told my best friend she had to read it! I love it!!