Pregnant by a psycho

Pregnant by a psycho

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queensofsupreme By queensofsupreme Updated Jun 10

"STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME" I shouted pointing a knife at him. It was the only thing keeping him away from me.

"Do it!" He said with a wicked smirk. I curse myself for sleeping with this psychopath killer. My body trembled at his demand. I can't believe I'm pregnant with his child.

"I swear I'll do it." I threatened moving back and he just chuckle "what wrong with you ?" I asked as a tear dropped from my eyes.

"You think I'm scared of that knife. I enjoy pain just like I enjoy killing people." 

"You sick stay away from me." I shouted taking a step back.

"I know. People used to call me psycho when I was a kid so I became one."