Dark Seas (ON HOLD)

Dark Seas (ON HOLD)

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Amy Marie Z By AmyMarieZ Updated Sep 20, 2018

Leigh and Dakota are spending their summer sea-term on board the Jupiter Seas, a containership on route between California and Hawaii. At first, the girls are ecstatic with their good fortune of two lovely destinations and a relatively calm and tranquil route. However, things get dark when one night, a bizarre blackout occurs on board the vessel. All power on the Jupiter Seas goes out for nearly an hour, leaving her drifting dead in the water.

When power finally returns, the crew find themselves unable to contact any other vessels or the main land. Combined with malfunctioning and unreliable navigation equipment and major mechanical issues with the engine, the ship loses her course.

As the crew scramble to get the ship back on route, tempers and tensions rise. Strange occurrences both onboard and in the seas surrounding the ship lead Leigh and Dakota to believe that what's going on isn't entirely natural, and that the Jupiter Seas may not be alone in the Pacific.

Something is hunting them.