With Your Teeth and Claws

With Your Teeth and Claws

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Eternal_writes By Eternal_writes Updated Sep 14, 2018

It was three words. Only three that made Kanda want to hold Allen Walker in his arms for eternity.

"I'll kill you,"

Kanda's life had been dreadfully boring. Rule a pack, become the strongest alpha in America and do what? Nothing. He did absolutely nothing. He had no mate, and no desire to get one. His pack members were boring, none of them were very strong and they weren't interesting. They had no secrets, no strengths, no pasts worth digging up. None of them challenged him and made life interesting. Until Allen Walker, an omega and a transfer student from a different country challenges him and breathes life into his dull world. This white haired, silver eyed, pale skinned boy riled Kanda up like no one else. Was he a threat to his pack? Was he a spy for the Noah Clan? Was he simply a boy looking for a place to hide?

Yullen!Werewolf AU 
Not Omegaverse

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