The Foul Weather Marquis

The Foul Weather Marquis

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Arienh Forsyth By MuintirQueen Completed

Benjamin Weathering has inherited the lofty title of marquis, but with that comes a responsibility to interact with his least favorite species: people.  Luckily for Ben, he can avoid most interaction by playing hermit at his estate in Yorkshire.  He may be everything a woman of the ton looks for in a husband--titled, wealthy, and pleasing enough to look at--but he is in no mood to humor his eligible neighbors by participating in the ghastly mating rituals of dancing, dining, and displaying his intellect.

Geranium Massey, renamed Gerry by her favorite sibling, is also of no mind to leap into matrimony.  Her elder sisters may all be married and her youngest may be desperate to join them in wedded bliss, but Gerry has better things to do with her time.  Namely, she wants to figure out if her neighbor actually controls the weather.  The circumstances are suspicious, and frankly she has nothing better to do than observe and try to befriend the young man who does not smile very often but genuinely seems like a good person beneath all those storm clouds in his eyes.

And Ben has beautiful eyes, eyes that make her dream of summer showers, eyes that reflect a warm night sky, eyes that always seem to find her in a crowd.  Ben wishes he did not look so often at Gerry, for he has no intention of letting her kindness draw him in so quickly, yet look he does.  When he is caught looking a little too intently, he and Gerry will have to deal with much more than foul weather if they are to have a chance at happiness.

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