Married to the Mob: Fighting for Freedom

Married to the Mob: Fighting for Freedom

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tufano79 By tufano79 Updated Dec 23, 2018

Edward "The Boss" Cullen and his wife, Bella, survived hell and back. They are looking toward the future, which included a new path for the Cullen Consortium and impending parenthood. Edward and Bella are very excited for their new roles in their lives as Mommy and Daddy. 

In the wings, there's a new enemy waiting. A man determined to bring down the Consortium and specifically, Edward Cullen. He was going to stop at nothing to put "The Boss" behind bars for the rest of his life. He partners with an unlikely ally, a woman who wants what she deserved. What she is owed, by her only family. 

Will Edward, Bella and the family be able to move past this latest threat? One thing is for certain, they are Married to the Mob: Fighting for Freedom.

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