What I hate about Him (A Love by Chance story)

What I hate about Him (A Love by Chance story)

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DKS By HS1799 Updated 6 days ago

When your favorite cp doesn't have enough screen time and fanfiction you've to do the damn thing on your own. This is a Love By Chance high school AU centering cold Kengkla who almost hate everything and everyone, trying to fit in with the well known crazy football team lead by the clumsy oaf goes by the name of Techno, a high school senior a year ahead Kengkla.

Warning mature themes may contain in future chapters!

Don't worry sneaky Kengkla WILL make appearance. Idk what'll happen in the series so NO SPOLERS! rest assured. However i've planned to make Kengkla a bit possessive and affectionate. Enjoy!

I'll try to update every week. Don't forget to vote and comment! xD

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😂😂😂 oh..we aren't shrinking violets here, bring it on.
I love each couples in LBC but MarkGun is my most favorite lmao
KookminEra KookminEra Nov 23
They're my 2nd fav couple after tincan. Honestly its such a bummer that both of my favs get such a little screen time 😭
Lilypippo38 Lilypippo38 Nov 13
They have the chemistry between them,...in the ep.14 (bed scene) the look on Kla eyes was so tender toward p'no😍
Me too, but then I love most of the couples in LBC😍😍😍 Having said that I was very disappointed with the lack of screen time for Kengkla/Techno😫😫 So had to get my fix from fanfics by Wattpad writers 😄
screen time is the main reason why I ship MarkGun more than KengNo . 
                              May be rape storyline is the cover reason for them to hate KengNo . But there are still more fact as I know . Whatever Gun said Mark is sneakier than Kengkla it's enough for me