Robe (completed, under re-write)

Robe (completed, under re-write)

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When Dresden encounters a strangely-attired boy lying unconscious in the forested hills of Hep Duatab, he is perplexed: the boy is clearly an 'outsider', as those who are from beyond the Hepstraad are known. But what was he doing here, and how did he suddenly appear in the forest like this?

Little does Dresden know, the boy is from much, much farther away, from a world that is well beyond Dresden's understanding or comprehension. Worse still, the boy is the first harbinger of an impending upheaval, a catastrophe that will engulf the Hepstraad and all those who call it their home.

The outsider boy is soon followed by a powerful young girl, a girl who wields an unusual sword and a mighty stave, who regards magic as a mere triviality... and yet is completely, obliviously unaware of Dresden's land and all that lies within. 

As a confluence of events takes place - the invasion of an army of half-giants; a betrayal and the theft of Hep Duatab's greatest treasure; and a friendship forged in the collision of worlds - Dresden and his new companions find themselves drawn into conflict with a dark power, an evil that spans two Universes and threatens all existence with annihilation.

An evil that the Robe might save them from.

If only they could get it back...

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