A Beta Life

A Beta Life

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I heard the boys voice before i saw his face. It sounded like the smooth rehearsed kind of voice you hear in the movies, from the dream boat lead character with the too-good-to-be-true looks. I raised my eyes to search for the owner of the beautiful sound.
My eyes met his just as he came into view.

He stopped in his tracks, bumping into one of he med students he was following, staring straight at Me. 

"Mate" he said just loud enough for the huge man behind him to stop and stare in the direction of the boys gaze.

I felt a sickening feeling deep in my stomach. I had never felt anything like it before, the instant feeling of nausea followed by what i can only describe as a rush of emotion. What a trip. 

The meds are extra strong today I  laughed to myself  as I continued to stare at the beautiful dark haired boy.

This institution just got a whole lot better if he is a patient  too.

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