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Moonlit Retribution

Moonlit Retribution

5.2K Reads 166 Votes 27 Part Story
Chelsea By ClearAsMud94 Completed

December 21, 2012:  The day of reckoning.  It's been predicted that anything from earthquakes and tsunamis to a Texas-sized meteor will tear the world asunder on this day, and Vessa was ready to accept that fate.  But a malevolent space germ turning mankind into zombies and leaving her immune to fend for herself?  Hey, it could happen!  Not that Vessa was prepared for it, of course...

ClearAsMud94 ClearAsMud94 Jun 10, 2011
@walkingsunshine Thank you so much!  Good to know that I'm capable of eliciting reactions like that!  xD
Band4Gleeks Band4Gleeks Jun 07, 2011
                              This story is great so far! 
                              Voted and is in my library. =D Keep up the good work! 
Zsofia_Az_Almodo Zsofia_Az_Almodo Jun 05, 2011
I like how its evenly paced, and has a lot of action. Great description! =)
ClearAsMud94 ClearAsMud94 Jun 03, 2011
@megane-chan Thank you so much!  Actually, I hadn't given much thought to the plot other than to get 50,000 words.  NaNoWriMo kinda killed my creativity and plot-weaving skills, or so I'd thought...
                              Glad you liked it, and thanks for voting!  : )
ClearAsMud94 ClearAsMud94 Jun 01, 2011
@MiyukiMomoko Well, good to know that my writing can affect people in a physical way.  Just having to write about the roaches kinda made me cringe a bit, so I'm glad I'm not the only one who responds to them like that.  xD  Thank you so much for commenting and fanning!  :D
ClearAsMud94 ClearAsMud94 May 30, 2011
@MisunderstoodDreamer Wow, I've never heard it put quite like that before.  *^_^*  Thank you!