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Destiel Being Noticed

Destiel Being Noticed

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Castiel Novak comes from a religious family, only having his siblings to turn to since they've never met their mother and their father has abandoned them. Castiels eldest brother Michael (32) has become 'father' of the house, Lucifer (28) has become a drug addict only coming to the family to see if they will help him get his next fix, his sister Anna (26) acts as sort of the mother hen towards everyone, then there is Castiel (18) who happens to be homosexual, and Gabriel (16) the youngest most annoyingly adorable little brother. Home life for Castiel is no better than school life, he is constantly berated for being gay and is only allowed to stay with the family because Anna won't let Michael ditch Castiel and Michael doesn't want to get on gods bad side.                                             Dean Winchester (19) lives with a drunk father and looks our for his younger brother, Sam (16). He has looked out for Sam his whole life, always there to make sure that Sammy is never left alone to get hurt by their fathers drunk anger. All throughout Deans childhood he has looked at girls, has wanted them, yet he sometimes gets these feelings for boys as well. But his father tells him it's wrong, beats him if he even talks about it or does anything with another boy. Dean doesn't know what to think, to listen to his father or to listen to his heart. He's never had his mother by his side, she died and wasn't there to help Dean understand himself. So Dean instead listens to his father and watches out for Sammy.           So what will happen when a religious disappointment to his family and an obedient confused son find their paths cross? Will they find love within each other? Or will immense hatred loom over both their heads, pulling them apart?         Find out in Being Noticed

Benny! I luv him so much. He's the least fücked up character in spn
Rainbow man... creative crowley. OMAGASH IM SO FUNNY AHAHAHAHA
Pfft Crowley is so not a homophobe. I swear he gets off on making straight males uncomfortable with his kisses
Ummm yeah. Do you think there's just an on and off switch to that shït?
Cherry_PopTarts Cherry_PopTarts Sep 18, 2016
I should be doing my homework right now but Destiel is more important.
imagine1d12 imagine1d12 Jul 19, 2016
Dean is such an outfit repeater, he's only a couple tiers up from a cartoon charater