Alpha Eron (Discontinued)

Alpha Eron (Discontinued)

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"A simple wall made of pillows will not stop me from ravaging you, princess." He smirked, holding me tighter when I tried to get loose.

I slightly smile. He called me princess again. He hadn't called me that since this morning. I snap out of it, shaking my head. "Then maybe brick or wooden walls will." I get up, trying to walk towards the door, but Eron grabbed my wrist.

 "You're not sleeping in any other room that does not have me inside."


Alpha Eron.

Of course, the most feared Alpha. If he is to show up at your territory, he's there to claim it. No excuses. You try to start a war and you die. You fight back, Eron kills you himself. He has no mercy. But maybe there is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why. However, he hasn't given one.

Can he be changed?
Maybe Emerald can change his evil ways.

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