An Angels Sacrifice

An Angels Sacrifice

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Rose does not know that her parents, Adam and Eve, were once Guardians but got their wings clipped when it was discovered that they had committed a sinful thing, which led to Rose’s creation. But instead of ridding her from being an angle, part of her remained angel-like.
               Now Rose is older, and is to be sent to Redwood Academy, which she believes is a school for freaks, but in actual is a school for young angels like her to begin their training to become Guardian Angels.

Once Rose discovers what she really is, she is reluctant to go but in the end gives into her parents request. She befriends Celia, another angle who is very shy and timid. One night Rose decides to sneak out of the school with Celia only to meet Damon, the Right hand and best friend of Satan, Lucifer.
What will Damon have to offer that Heaven cannot give?

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kerrillb kerrillb Mar 07, 2011
Decent start, but ....
                              An ANGLE is a geometric figure.  You're going for ANGEL, not ANGLE.