The Good Girl's Property

The Good Girl's Property

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Jayy By xXCrashingXx Updated Aug 02, 2015

(Sequel to The Bad Boy's Good Girl)

"Sorry about the mess," Drew spits as he slams the door to our apartment. I glance around to see if anything's untidy. Just a few boxes, nothing too big.

"It's not a problem," Andrew Senior, notorious for being an asshole and my boyfriend's fuckface dad, brushes off slightly. "Not even that messy."

With a pointed look towards his dad, Drew growls, "I was talking to Dylan, you piece of shit."

College, a steady boyfriend, a private apartment and V locked away in jail. Everything was finally falling into place in Dylan Scott's life. But with a preliminary warning from the man of the hour, Andrew Steele Sr., it's suddenly breaking apart again. With drug cartels and gangs out for Drew and Dylan, how can anything work out between them?
Not to mention the creepy photography boys.
The skanky lingerie modeling coworkers.
The midnight fights.
Like Kami Garcia said - "Teenagers. Everything is so apocalyptic."

Ariella_Denise Ariella_Denise Sep 27, 2016
*gasps* Really?? Grab your popcorn because you're about to get schooled! ONCE UPON A TIME (this time we aren't talking about the show. Check back on any day ending with y)....
Ariella_Denise Ariella_Denise Sep 27, 2016
Said every girl right before they get kidnapped. (At least on Wattpad)
Ariella_Denise Ariella_Denise Sep 27, 2016
"Immediately"? Nu-uh, that's too quick of an answer. It's rehearsed. I've watched WAY too many crime shows to let this slide.
justmine_luver_143_ justmine_luver_143_ Dec 26, 2016
Je_Suis_Rebelle Je_Suis_Rebelle Jul 10, 2016
Hahaha now I get why this song was picked
                              It's going down down 😂😂
Ariella_Denise Ariella_Denise Sep 27, 2016
I'm so slow. I'm like "worthy of reproducing? Why would he- OH! HAHAHHAHAHAHHA!"