enemies (with benefits) » l.r.h || completed

enemies (with benefits) » l.r.h || completed

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let's talk about sex, baby. 

CONTENTS: plethora of sex scenes, one chapter of daddy kink, underage drinking, rape, slut shaming, suicide, self harm, and attempted suicide. Everything in this book should absolutely not be taken seriously and if you are easily triggered by anything in this book, please, for your sake and mental health, DO NOT continue reading.

SIDE NOTE: this book is a mess and unedited. Since I have others stories I try to work on, I do not have the time or patience to go back and edit this story. So there will be grammar, spelling, and possible continuity errors while reading. If you find one, you may point it out but I will most likely comment back to you what is meant.

my sister is lying right next to me while I'm reading this help me
Why is there no comments on this? I'm laughing so hard right now 😂😂😂
iWumbo4ever iWumbo4ever Aug 15
Puberty: Sooo... The baseball bat didn't work but it's okay, I rented a bus! Yay! 
                              Me: Okay. Let's try it 
                              Puberty: Hereeee goessss!
                              *Runs me over with bus*
                              Me: AAAHHH! Am I beautiful yet?
                              Puberty: Umm...⊙_⊙
Hold up wait....lemme just MAMA LIZ. 
                              I do that to my friends. Lol
iWumbo4ever iWumbo4ever Aug 15
If Virginity was a person that followed you around everywhere, I'm pretty sure Vanessa's Virginity would slap some sense into her saying, "Bitch no! Don't get rid of me! Fries before guys!? Chicks before dicks!? I thought you enjoyed having me around!"
iWumbo4ever iWumbo4ever Aug 15
Me: I'm ready. Just do it 
                              Puberty: Are you sure? 
                              Me: JUST DO IT! ب_ب
                              Puberty: *hits me in the face with a baseball bat*
                              Me: owwwww... Am I beautiful yet?
                              Puberty: uhhhh.... (。ŏ_ŏ)