Married To My Bully (BoyxBoy)

Married To My Bully (BoyxBoy)

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Akihito_Rin By Akihito_Rin Updated Oct 07

"You slut! Just because you got a space in my room, it doesn't mean that you will get a space in my heart so just stay the fuck away from me!" He yelled at me as he punched the side of my wall

I know he hated me but living all my life with this hated is just too much.

"I know and don't worry! I will never love someone like you so please just rest assured and don't even bother to acknowledge my existence!" I yelled back

One thing that I know is that I hate this guy for sure.
I will never fall for a jerk like him!

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if this happened to me id be like screw this id rather be on the streets than get married to some random ass stanger
Like what she just said please for me that's all I would've been like noo bye mom or should I say human trafficker
I really hate it when dad does this to me, he can make me feel guilty in 1 min or less about anything he wants!! I dunno why I'm like this to him, I don't even love him that much...
So there brothers, if thay are I won't read. Sorry, incest isn't my thing.
RiMochiPie RiMochiPie Nov 26
Jonas Brothers.
                              If you get that then tell me, we're gonna marry and have a lot of gay kids.
RiMochiPie RiMochiPie Nov 26
*fortnite default dance away*  
                               T      H      O      T