Below The Surface.

Below The Surface.

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S.Yumna Mahmood By YumnaMahmood Updated Nov 16, 2018

Melvin Lamont, a corporate lawyer has been in search of his fiancee, Zara, who disappeared in a broad daylight eight years ago. Just when he thought that he was at the end of the road and couldn't do anything to find Zara, he gets a chilling information that she might be confined by the malicious serial killer named as The Silent Slayer, after a message was left for him at The Silent Slayer's latest crime scene. With the help of his police officer friend, Eric and his team - he decided to find out if the message was really left behind by Zara or was it something else? 

While investigating the latest killings, he and Eric have to deal with dysfunctional and fraught young woman who goes by the name of Ava Baxter. A girl whose family was brutally murdered by The Silent Slayer in front of her, but somehow she managed to escape. She is the only captive of the killer that managed to survive. Her idea of dealing with her dreadful past and the pain it caused her is different which only complicates things for Melvin and Eric. 

Secrets will uncover, 
Mystery expose to view,
Hearts will break, 
A new feeling might spark, 

Things were never simple, it got messier and might get even more frightening.
An unforgettable tale of terror.

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