First-time Boyfriends

First-time Boyfriends

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WhiteCaptainKongSun By WhiteCaptainKongSun Updated 2 days ago

Ae has never been in a relationship, or not just been interested yet. So thus his friend and teammate Can. All they want to do is to study, to hangout, and to play football. Until these IC boys came into their life...

"I may have never done this before, but I'm not ignorant nor stupid. I'm good at studying and learning everything... fast. And, also...

...I'm good at Football."

* Characters are from Love by Chance the Series but the story is mine.

* Please expect mature content at some of the chapters.

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negsrock negsrock Sep 20, 2018
with this kind of philosophy in life, you are the most mature 'child' ever exist!
artfiendg artfiendg Jan 06
What a fine description Can makes of himself without  any offending "puffery".
Closerblue17 Closerblue17 Sep 20, 2018
Don't worry because he's my favorite too.. he's so damn cute 😍😍
user674209279416 user674209279416 Sep 01, 2018
Yes, please...!! AePete and TinCan... I love them so much... especially Can, my baby!!
Maharet15 Maharet15 Sep 01, 2018
Wow, great start author. 
                              Please continue.  I love this couple.
thesis89 thesis89 Jan 05
Very good he's able to erect his own asset so he can stand proud. 😁