Twisted Love {TomTord/TordTom}

Twisted Love {TomTord/TordTom}

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2spooky4u By ImOnlyHereForTomTord Updated Oct 01

(This will all take place after the End! ALL events from previous EDDisodes are canon.)

Tord decides that being the Red Leader is a too stressful job for him. 
Tord makes room in his heart for his old friendships and is trying to make things back the the way it used to be.

To do this, his first task is to leave the Red Army, hanging it over to his beloved fathers, Paul and Patryk.

The next task is to go find his friends and move back in to spear his friendships. 

During this, he realizes that he has a huge crush on Tom.

Would this work out? 
Two boys who hate each other more than world's problems itself.
Can Tom's broken heart be repaired?
Will he fall for Tord?
Read on to see what will happen next!

(I did not draw the cover art.
Cover art belongs to Creamybunnyy on deviantart. )

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Rosychu Rosychu 2 days ago
And nobody's going to mention... Paul and Patryck are the fathers of Tord? o-O
Honestly, Tom is really the only ine thinking realistically about Tord coming back. But I've read so many books with the same problem that I just stopped caring by this point. Rather enjoy the story
Tom, Tord may have tried to kill you, but he's changed!!! Now, if you can't except that, then I will start throwing pineapples at you
norwayweeb norwayweeb Sep 21
I love this so much already! Tomtord isn’t entirely my cup of tea but I’m sure this will be a great story 👌👌
I really like your story it’s Amazing I hope you update soon so keep up the good work (・∀・)
wHaT iS tHis? S C R E E E E E E E C H
                              a wild book,
                              with no wild update?
                              Wild Zazmine uses wait.
                              She paralyzed herself-
                              wait what how