Duet of the Soul

Duet of the Soul

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B. Marie Winter By bmariewinter Updated Dec 07, 2018

A girl with a split soul acts as the thread between two worlds, and she's being cut.

Mari Greene has just begun settling into a small town with her father and is preparing for her senior year of high school. She'd love to keep a low profile, but on the first day of class she attracts the attention of a mysterious girl named Whisper, whose captivating glances undoubtedly knock Mari head over heels. Her budding feelings take a back seat, however, as she is suddenly plagued with fantastical dreams that reach into her waking reality. 

The people in Mari's dreams are warning her about an approaching double apocalypse, and the cause is said to be her soul. It acts as a lifeline between the humine and human realms, two alternate planes of Earth, and is gradually disappearing as her soul converges. The humines need Mari's cooperation to try and stop the two halves of her soul from stitching back together, or both worlds will fall to ruin. The question is, are her informers telling her the whole truth, or could Whisper, her newfound crush, somehow be involved? 


Thank you to all who have been reading! I've decided to take my work along the traditional publishing route, which unfortunately means I have to stop posting updates after chapter six. I will be leaving this up as an excerpt for those who are curious, or possibly interested in beta reading or critique reading. Thank you again for the support, happy reading!