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Wolves, Stags, Lions, Dragons, and Me (Game of Thrones GOT)

Wolves, Stags, Lions, Dragons, and Me (Game of Thrones GOT)

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jinx1996 By jinx1996 Updated May 30, 2015

Do you know what it’s like to die? To feel your life slowly drain out of you? To have your eyes close and you fight and fight to keep them open that little bit longer, praying that someone will find you… save you before it’s too late?
I do.
I died. I laid in the ice of the North with snow falling around me, staring up at the white sky. I was hungry, tired, thirsty and weak... and no one came. Not until it was too late. I was dead.
But then... I wasn't.

Irunwiththelions Irunwiththelions Mar 10, 2015
I think she should be with Tyrian weirdly. Actually yh I think they would be good together. She needs someone to match her intelligence who won't think that women shouldn't fight.
tagtraeumarie tagtraeumarie Feb 24, 2015
haha i'm german and i only understand the half story. but i like the part, i understand..
MagniScribe MagniScribe Jan 26, 2015
This sounds really interesting, the only comment I have is that her name wouldn't be snow, it'd be waters, since her dad is from the crownlands
horanhuugs horanhuugs Jan 07, 2015
Make her end up with Robb pleeeease (: she can join his army or something
khcfangirl_ khcfangirl_ Jul 17, 2014
@jinx1996 do something with Sansa as Alayne Stone. I just think that would be interesting.
jinx1996 jinx1996 May 08, 2014
@Rogueftw22 @Jenny_Bubble @christina2819
                              Got any plot suggestions for me? And if you could tell me your favourite characters and how you would like them to appear in the story would be amazing as well!