Pirates Life For Me [Pirate!Human!Bill X Female!Reader]

Pirates Life For Me [Pirate!Human!Bill X Female!Reader]

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The Hotdog Stack on Frisks Head By _ApolloSpawn_ Updated Sep 05, 2018

(Y/n) A sixteen year old village girl never thought that the day would come where she would have to leave her town. She longed for adventure but wasn't expecting something like this!

Seventeen year old Bill Cipher is the son of the Captain of the Nightmare. Since the Captain isn't well Bill has become the Captain. Along side his brothers he pillages and destroys all of the towns he come across. Even the small quiet town (Y/n) lives in.

I decided to do a new Bill X Reader and I haven't seen a Pirate AU one so here we go! 

Not my art unless I say so!

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