The Warrior's Whisper.

The Warrior's Whisper.

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Lucy Summers By Lucieee-xo Updated Jun 20, 2011

Loss, Pain, Illness, Affliction, Anxiety, Grief, Shock and Suffering. Not exacly the emotions you would expect an 11 year old boy to experience at such a young age.

Timothy Carter began his life as an intelligant, eccentric and high spirited boy who had a great passion for planes of war. Having rich successful parents made Timothy's life even better with a beautiful house, all the toy planes he wanted and servants to complete his chores every day.

 But being born into a British family living in a big city in China in 1937, didn't make life so easy for him anymore. In fact, when laws changed and Japan invaded, Timothy's world changed rapidly.

  • arms
  • army
  • bags
  • bodies
  • book
  • bottle
  • boxes
  • car
  • clothes
  • crowd
  • danger
  • door
  • father
  • fury
  • gap
  • gunshots
  • holiday
  • japan
  • japanese
  • joanne
  • killers
  • leaving
  • mother
  • moving
  • parents
  • phonecall
  • planes
  • questions
  • rupert
  • safe
  • screams
  • seperation
  • servants
  • shock
  • shoes
  • sick
  • sleep
  • street
  • thoughts
  • timothy
  • uniform
  • warriors
  • ww2
hellodearie hellodearie May 26, 2012
I really enjoyed this and I love good WW2 fictions anyway xD Voted
SoftNinjaHug SoftNinjaHug Jun 05, 2011
The cover led me to read your story and I think it was really nice to read another version of 'Empire of the Sun'. I would really love you to twist around with the plot and stray away from the movie :D
Hellogoats446 Hellogoats446 Mar 09, 2011
Wow, this is amazing, it has real depth that other stories lack, it's interesting and it hooks you.
                              LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
IAlone IAlone Mar 09, 2011
Omg, I really love this! I love Historical Fiction and this just proves why I love it so much. There are only a couple of spelling mistakes, but other than that it's great. Upload soon! :D