A Tale of a Loser  (GirlxGirl)

A Tale of a Loser (GirlxGirl)

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JD By themoonlightdemon Updated 2 days ago

This is a story about a loser and how she become one of the country most influential business owner. Along the way, she comes face to face with her olde enemies, her ultimate crush and even her nightmares as she grows up. 

"I'm not the person who you bullied 19 years ago!"

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Yurimage Yurimage Sep 16
If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say that, I'd probably be a billionaire too.
I like how even though the story is great, the grammar still screws up every other sentence
Yurimage Yurimage Sep 16
"Also, here is a sniper rifle I just happened to have in my closet. Use it."
rhea_al rhea_al 4 days ago
Wtf ! No it’s not . It’s because she’s ambitious enough to achieve what she wanted
I feel like that's a compliment like watch out she's gonna steal your girl oh
riveroftears03 riveroftears03 3 days ago
In my favourite rocketship zooming through the sky little einstines