Our Happy Family (EXO Fanfic)

Our Happy Family (EXO Fanfic)

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✈ SEMI HIATUS ✈ By KimchiiDesu Updated Sep 28, 2016

Seolji Oh, a dedicated part-timer who earns money for her family who is badly suffering from Poverty. Now meet Minseok Kim, a workaholic that seems to value business and money before everything else, but behind this busy rich man is a loving and well-mannered Father to his little son.

What if Seolji meets a terrible accident, giving her in a state of coma for the whole month. What will she do when she suddenly wakes up next to a little boy who claims her to be his beloved Mother?! 

With fate's playful twist, it seems that the little boy would do anything just to become closer with his Mother. With nothing else to lose, Minseok proposed something very crazy. And that was to pretend being a married couple in exchange for money! All this for the sake of the little boy.

As time slowly progress, unknown truth and unexpected love appears between them..

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bbtsexo bbtsexo Oct 19, 2016
Istg the fanfics I started reading all start with a bitchy Tiffany which makes me hate her so much in real life
Away4yearS Away4yearS Jul 05, 2016
Too bad you're the second male lead but then again Zuko from Avatar the last air gender regained his honor so at this point anything can happen.
althebuilder althebuilder Sep 09, 2016
Even if baek does get rich we all know that she's gonna break her promise to be with minseok
HugotLord01 HugotLord01 Sep 28, 2016
Lol how did i end up being in the story *cough* Junmyeon's wife *cough*
HelloGwen HelloGwen Aug 17, 2014
when I saw this in your profile, i thought it was a story abo kimchi, xiumin, and yun hee lol xD
stphinglxy stphinglxy Aug 09, 2014
Yehet i found another story of yours author nim.. YAY ~and panini is on the cover woot!  ily cover author nim