The Last Plantagenet Princess

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C.L.Horler By beyondimagination Completed
Margaret Plantagenet (Pole), Daughter to the Duke of Clarence, niece to Edward IV and Richard III.  Cousin to Henry VIII's mother, confidant to Catherine of Arogon and Governess/ Godmother to Princess Mary. This is a story on how Margaret had to watch the fall of her family; Plantagenant members of the House of York, and watch the rise of the Tudors at great peril and tragedy to her life.
Seems unlikely that the POV character does not recognise her grandmother? Has she never met her? If she has not then she should pick up on the 'your mother and my daughter' phrase.
Ok is not a phrase anyone would have used in the 15th century. The POV character should react more to what is happening in front of them even if they do not fully grasp its significance.
omg Margaret Plantagenet, I'm so happy a fic for a girl of Plantagenet and Warwick blood is ever written! voted!
Isn't that Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury,daughter of George,Duke of Clarence MAY be the last plantagenet princess?
This is a great story and you do a good job of unfolding it. If I could add to the editorial suggestions I would note that some judiciously placed punctuation (commas in particular) would improve the flow significantly.
@beyondimagination Thank you so much for your detailed respones. I'll keep reading and the legitimacy of Edward IV is something that crops up in two books I'm outlining: Before the Blood and A Glass of Wine.
                                    Thank you!