Unicorns Walk Among Us

Unicorns Walk Among Us

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"Unicorns Walk Among Us" is an original story crafted as part of the series, "Tales of the Big Bad Wolf."   This story is also available as a separate epub from http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/44997 . Conceptual artwork is also available at http://talesofthebigbadwolf.com/artwork-unicorns/ . 

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An account of the hunter E. Wildwood, Year 300

 as compiled in

 "The Collected Tales of the Big Bad Wolf,"  circa 1325

It is human nature to fear death. But there are those who fear it more than others, doing anything they can to avoid it. We seek out strange items that supposedly maintain our youthful appearance, we buy soldiers to protect us against those who might kill us, and we look for the mystical things that grant us immortality.

It should not be a surprise to most of you that the quest for immortality often is the pursuit of the wealthy. After all, there is no hope of everlasting life for the regular man who can not afford either these magic elixirs of youth or a hire...

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spearcarrier spearcarrier Jun 30, 2014
I enjoyed it! There were a few times I felt like you missed some excellent storytelling opportunities, but job well done. Hope to see more.
Petra_Sole Petra_Sole Aug 22, 2013
That was a great story! I loved your use of language--it's not often that one gets to read that level of class nowadays. And your story had an amazing Grimm/Andersen feel to it. I can't wait to read your novels!
plumster plumster Dec 13, 2012
@atticusgirl Thank you! One of the benefits about first person is that you can use your voice really well to help the reader believe they are "there" with the narrator...
plumster plumster Oct 15, 2012
@HelenaDeVree_13 Aww thanks. I hope to have more of these little short tales that are offshoots of the main fiction I'm working on.  The unicorn might reappear in a future book too :)