Fate • Sinbad x Reader

Fate • Sinbad x Reader

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Sinbad, the king of Sindria sent an invitation to (Y/n), the empress of Phoenix moon inviting her to come over to his country so that they can discuss and hopefully finalize (Y/n)'s empire joining the alliance. 

But, when you arrive, will you be lured in by the King of Sindria's charms? (Y/n) sure doesn't think so, in fact, she's very sure they have nothing more than a political relationship, but soon, that 'political relationship' she was sure they had changed when romance was inconveniently thrown into the mix.

and so now, both Sinbad and (Y/n) have to attempt to balance themselves catching feelings for each other with the dark cloud weighing heavy on their shoulders of an impending war? 

 Yes fate, oh so very kindly convenient of you.

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