The Kidnapped Bride

The Kidnapped Bride

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Hi everyone!

I hope you like my story. (fingers-crossed)

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3 months ago.

"Darlene! Table 3!" I heard the fat lady, Angel, call my name as I was wiping the counter.

I turned my head on her and she pointed table 3. I dropped the piece of cloth that I was holding as I grabbed the order slip. I headed to where table 3 is of this tiny burger shack where I was working.

There are only twenty tables here with ugly-looking orange sheets. The walls are covered with paintings of dragons. The floor is made of white tiles which turned to a yellowish color due to stains.

I saw an old bearded man sitting at his table and watched me with such interest in his eyes.

"Hi there, sexy" he complimented me in a perverted way. I can't even call that a compliment.

"What's your order?" I asked showing no interest or what-so-ever.

"I'll have a sloppy double patty burger, honey" he said in an amused tone ignoring my attitude towards him.

"That's all?" I asked giving...

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khotetsu khotetsu May 15, 2017
What the.....😂 sloppy double patty burger reminds of something from spongebob haha
The_Purple_Wolf The_Purple_Wolf Jun 22, 2016
Your a mutt🙃🙃🙃
                              You insult wolves you insult me 😎😎😈
The_Purple_Wolf The_Purple_Wolf Jun 22, 2016
Wolves are awesome you should not killed them you should welcome them with opened arms then leave them alone just they don't like you
Narwhal_Academy Narwhal_Academy Sep 04, 2016
                              DIDNT THINK ABOUT THAT,NOW DID YOU?!
woah_fae woah_fae Aug 23, 2015
GOT EM! I would be like 'Is that all sir, or would like a knuckle sandwhich  too?'
SweetBlueLegend SweetBlueLegend Jul 11, 2015
Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! The next chapter is proposal may be hes gonna propose