Taking Sephy

Taking Sephy

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I wasn't looking where I was going when I walked out of the classroom, so like a complete idiot I walked into someone tall and well sculpted. "I'm sorry," I tried to say. My breath caught in my throat as I recognised who I'd walked into.

"It's alright," he said coolly. "Are you okay?" he asked, his voice like velvet. I couldn't answer.

It wasn't because I'd forgotten how to speak or because he was smiling at me. I was frozen to the spot because I was looking straight into his eyes; pale grey eyes with pinpricks of black and silver in them; the same eyes from my dream. Those enchanting, silver eyes, beautiful and haunting, held me. They were the eyes of a hunter.

They were here, no longer a part of my dreams and nightmares. They were real. I felt like I was drowning in liquid silver as I stared into their depths. They pulled me down lower and lower as the ice began to fill me yet again. I couldn't breathe, couldn't move, couldn't think...

Leeroy-in-purple Leeroy-in-purple Sep 08, 2012
@TheLittleHipster63 Technically, Susan Coffey is not an actress; she's a model but I thought that she looked the closest to what I imagine Sephy looks like... :D
Leeroy-in-purple Leeroy-in-purple Jan 30, 2012
@secretspm Thank-you so much!!! I'm really glad that you like it!!
secretspm secretspm Jan 30, 2012
Wow, your descriptions are complete! I was like, woah she knows how to describe! It was a really wonderful chapter, I have no advice because it's really good and I'm dead serious!
Leeroy-in-purple Leeroy-in-purple Jan 11, 2012
@smacleod16 Thank-you so much! :D I LOVE GREEK MYTHOLOGY TOO!!!
LaurenDsilva LaurenDsilva Dec 08, 2011
This sounds rather original. Good grammar, good spelling, and spellbinding <3
Leeroy-in-purple Leeroy-in-purple Nov 08, 2011
@WeRWhoWeR Thank-you so much!!! I'm really glad that you'll read more and thanks for the vote!!! :D :D :D