A Cold Heart (Rewriting)

A Cold Heart (Rewriting)

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UmbreonAJ By UmbreonAJ Updated May 30

Skye, A 19 year old werewolf female. She lost her family to werewolf hunters. She made herself dissapear when the werewolf hunters kept looking for her.

Spade, A 20 year old Vampire. When Skye first meets him, he is very rude towards Skye. Later in the book his behaviour changed towards Skye. And so did hers towards him.


Spade walked towards Skye, causing her to back up. She ended with her back against the wall. She tried to push him away but he was stronger.

"Calm down Vixen." Spade said.

"That's not my name!" Skye said angrily. 

"I don't care what's your name." Spade said letting her go. "What only matters is that your mine, and mine only.."

btw this is a role play I had with someone. Or kinda.. I changed it a little bit.

(I'm going to rewrite this story BC I cringe reading it myself. It will have a ✔ when rewritten)

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