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Im nerdy...... And secretly Super

Im nerdy...... And secretly Super

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lanajean By lanajean Completed

Do you believe in Superheros?

Well everyone does where I come from. I'm Hood. And I'm a Superhero.

So, sorry for messing up your logic non-believers!

Blaire Woods is one of the schools biggest nerds. Tending to hide behind all the chaos that is high school. She's extremely clumsy, is as blind as a bat, and has a bad case of word babble.

But what you don't know about her is that she's a world famous Superhero. Rescuing Damsels in distress, no matter how awkward it gets when they think she's a dude, putting out fires and blah, blah, blah. 

The list could go on.

Blaire's life is good for an invisible nerd. But what happens when she saves her bully? The arrogant and popular Rhyden?

Will her hood be removed to reveal her true identity?

frostedbite frostedbite Mar 29
I'm a mountain bike racer, and totally not popular... If I go to this school, would I be popular?
frostedbite frostedbite Mar 29
She is not nerdy, she is awkward. The two are not mutually exclusive, but still...
Omg this girl is me at school, except people notice me. I wish they didn't though...
SapphireDragon02 SapphireDragon02 Aug 19, 2016
I'm sure Batman's weakness is rainbow colors or even rainbows or unicorns