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Living with the Drew Boys (EDITING/CONSTRUCTION)

Living with the Drew Boys (EDITING/CONSTRUCTION)

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✨IG: Xiangxin__✨ By Xiangxin__ Completed

"I love you so much Nicole.." she said then started coughing again
"I love you to mom" I cried
"Don't cry I wan't you to stay strong for me" she said wiping my tears then linda pulled me away holding me back while I tried to get in the ambulance with her.
When Nicole's mother died from cancer she had to go live with her moms close friend Alicia Drew and her eleven boys.Nicole isn't fiting in as she expected the boys aren't so nice to her but they start to change after awhile.Going to a new school making new friends right in the middle of the year isn't what Nicole had planned she wanted to go back to her old life with her best friends an go back to the way things were but that could never happen right now.When Nicole feels as if she is alone she finds herself falling in love an that maybe living in the Drew household isn't so bad after all but does she have her heart on someone else too? Or will her love be taken away forever? Find out by reading Nicole's life and how she deals with
*Living with the Drew Boys*

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